Miscellaneous Useful Programs


	Program: Putty 
	Author: Simon Tatham
	Website: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ 
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) and Unix
	Size: Zip: 957KB  Installed: 2.15MB
	License: MIT license (compatible with Gnu Public License) - freely distributable  **
	Comments:  Does both Telnet and SSH. Good basic program but NO EDITING
	capabalities (i.e., cut and paste) and NO FILE TRANSFER capabilities.
	Good for use on public terminals. There are better choices for staff use.

	Program: SSH Secure Client (for Workstations)
	Author: SSH Communications Security
	Website:  http://www.ssh.com/support/downloads/secureshellwks/non-commercial.html
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) and Unix
 	Size: Setup: 5.3MB  Installed: 7.3MB
	License:  Available for NON-COMMERCIAL use only (see license on ftp server or web page)
	Comments:  Does both SSH and file transfer. Good program. Uses DOS editing commands 
	instead of Windows ones (CTRL/Insert and Shift/Insert instead of CTRL/C and CTRL/V).
	Good for staff use.

	Program: TeraTerm Pro Web 
	Author: Ayera Technologies, Inc. (based on work by T. Teranishi) 
	Website: http://http://www.ayera.com/teraterm/
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) 
	Size:  Zip: 950KB   Installed: 1.91MB 
	License: Freeware - freely distributable   **
	Comments:  Does both Telnet and SSH. Can also connect vial dialup.
	Good program  Editing functions use Windows commands. Has file
	transfer via Kermit, xmodem and zmodem (but *NOT* FTP). 		
	Good for staff use. Downside: includes web server functionality in it.
	Older version of TTSH (that does SSH1 *ONLY* still available on the web.


	Program: FileZilla
	Author: Tim Kosse
	Website: http://sourceforge.net/projects/filezilla
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) 
	Size: Zip: 4.26MB  Setup: 3.30 MB  Installed: 11.8 MB
	License: GNU Public License - freely distributable  **
	Comments:  Does both regular and secure FTP.
	Good program  for general use now that WS-FTP no longer has
	a free version. Quick Connect bar is convenient. Can store it's
	settings in an XML file instead of the registry.

	Program: FireFTP
	Author: Mime Cuvalo and others.
	Website: http://fireftp.mozdev.org
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) 
	Size: XPI: 66KB  Installed: 75.3K (160K on disk)
	License: Freeware - freely distributable
	Comments:  Extension for Firefox browser (not a stand alone program)
	Good program  for staff use. Very similar to FileZilla in layout and operation.

	Program: FtpEdit
	Author: Kristoffer Henriksson
	Website: http://www.ftpedit.com
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) 
	Size: Setup: 2.50 MB  Installed: 3.10 MB	
	License: Freeware - freely distributable  **
	Comments:  FTP program with a notepad style editor with Cut and Paste
	and Search and Replace capabilities. Uses standard Windows editing
	controls. Can have multiple files open at one time. Save to local or
	remote drive.


	Program: BareGrep (free version)
	Author: Bare Metal Software
	Website: http://www.baresoft.com/baregrep
	Available for: Windows (9x-XP) 
	Size:174KB (Single executable)
	License: Freeware - freely distributable  **
	Comments:  Finds text in files. Tells you what line number 		
	contains the text. A good companion to FTPEdit.

** Also available from my list of ftp files

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