Library Browser Search Add-ons

Here are several options for various "Search" add-ons to your browser for quick searching of the
CCBC Library Catalog:

LibX - Library toolbar for your browser

While originally developed for Firefox there is now an Internet Explorer version as well. Libx will also
show a "cue" of a blue CCBC logo on pages from Google, Amazon, etc, that will take you a search in
the CCBC library catalog related to the item or topic you searched for.

     Install Firefox toolbar         Install IE toolbar          Cue:   

Search Engine plugin for Search Box

There are two different variations on Search engine plugins: Sherlock plugins (which work with all
of Firefox and browsers based on the Firefox core) and OpenSearch plugins which work
with Firefox 2 and above and Internet Explorer 7 and above. Click on the links below to install them
in your browser:

      Install the Sherlock plugin          Install the OpenSearch plugin         Icon:   


Bookmarklets are tiny JavaScript programs contained in a bookmark that allow you to do quick
searches of things like our library catalog. Some are browser neutral others are specific to particular
browsers. These are browser specific versions for searching the CCBC Library Catalog.

To get it, click and drag it to your links toolbar. This does NOT always work with IE; if you are unable
to drag and drop, you can get the bookmarklet onto the links bar by saving to favorites in the links
folder instead - it ends up the same place either way.

Bookmarklets are sensitive to the currently selected text in the browser window. This means that if you
have the surname of someone selected on a web page and you click on the bookmarklet it will automatically
perform a search at the library for that person's surname. If there is no currently selected text then the
bookmarklets will prompt you for any information that they require in a pop-up dialog box.

     For Firefox:  Search CCBC Lib Cat          For IE:  Search CCBC Lib Cat


Widgets are little programs (often flash based) that allow you to do various things, like search the
catalog similar to the ProQuest search "widget" on the library's new homepage
( They can be placed on web pages, on facebook pages, etc. Some libraries
have them; we do NOT currently have any.

More choices of the above

The default versions provided of the Search engine Plugin and the Bookmarklet are for doing a
keyword search on the catalog (the same as you do on Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc.). There are
additional plugins available to do other types of searches. If you're interested in them go to:

If you have any questions about any of this, please address them to: Giles Riesner at